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Suselj, Marjan; Marcun, Tomaz; Trcek, Denis; Kandus, Gorazd Through continual development and considerable investment over the past years, Slovenia has established an information infrastructure providing efficient data links between all the health care actors.

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This includes furnishing all the citizens and health workers with microprocessor cards--health insurance card and health professional card. These tools have significantly simplified different procedures in the health care and brought services closer to insured persons.

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The know-how and experiences gathered to day have given rise to vivid discussions of further development steps: introduction of new contents Crypt Lukud Trade Tips the infrastructure in place and technological upgrading, in particular progressive incorporation of the PKI concept and thereby integration of card and network solutions to provide an efficient and secure communication environment.

This paper outlines key perspectives of the future developments in this segment. With the volume of health care data communications through internet growing steeply, and with the paramount importance of patient--doctor trust and confidence, security tools and solutions in the health care are a critical need.

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It aims to address a practical security problem: how to establish secure communication between two parties solely based on a shared password without requiring a Public Key Infrastructure PKI. After more than a decade of extensive research in this field, there have been several PAKE protocols available.

Both techniques are however patented.

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In this paper, we review these techniques in detail and summarize various theoretical and practical weaknesses. So far, almost all of the past solutions have avoided using ZKP for the concern on efficiency. We demonstrate how to effectively integrate the ZKP into the protocol design and meanwhile achieve good efficiency.

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