Previous works used submerged or liquid fermentation. Internal nutrient retranslocation was also evaluated in order to gain insight into the ability of pine trees to cope with the low-fertility soil conditions at the tailings.

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Tailing soil properties in vegetation patches and in adjacent bare soil patches were characterized as well. Significant amounts of metal loid s such us Cd, Cu, Pb and Sb were immobilized in the woody stems of Pinus halepensis trees growing on tailings.

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Leaf litterfall showed high concentrations of As, Cd, Sb, Pb and Zn, which thereby return to the soil. However, water extractable metal loid concentrations in tailing soils were similar between vegetation patches mineral soil under the litter layer and bare soil patches.

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The pines growing on mine tailings showed very low foliar P concentrations in all leaf age classes, which suggests severe P deficiency. In conclusion, phytostabilization of semiarid mine tailings with Pinus halepensis is feasible but would require careful monitoring of the trace elements released from litterfall, in order to assess the long term risk of metal loid transfer to the food chain «.

Assamoi AA. Production of xylanases by Penicillium canescens c is the research object in Walloon Center of Industrial Biology.

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Previous works used submerged or liquid fermentation. The actual works are oriented more and more towards solid fermentation from agricultural or agro-alimentary residues.

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In addition to the valorization of these residues, solid-state fermentation reaches an increasingly significant interest in various other fields like the biological breakdown of the solid residues, the bioremediation of the organic pollutants in the grounds and the reduction of the air pollution by the biofiltration.

Xylanase is an industrial enzyme used in general in extraction and clarification processes.

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It is a hyper producing strain of xylanase. The production rate is one of the highest in literature U.

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