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The longer the indices trend up strongly the more inclined market participants usually are to simply surrender themselves to the inevitable move to the heavens and stay long indefinitely.

After all, anything other than being fully margined on the long side has produced subpar results. But the longer a market trend persists the more important it is that we become tough and agile in managing our portfolios. After all, racking up gains is a useless exercise if in the end we don't hold on to them.

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The problem is that the longer a market stays strong, the greater the temptation to embrace it. Logically it should be just the opposite, but emotionally Yum Share Option Tehingud are usually tugged in the other direction.

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Few people enjoy being skeptical or pessimistic when those around them not only are optimistic but profiting from that mindset.

With earnings season upon us it is even more important to be tough.

Наши отношения, - заключил Арчи, - достигли определенного уровня. Допуская вас к процессу матрикуляции, мы пытаемся укрепить взаимопонимание с вами. В этом смысле я даю положительный ответ на ваш вопрос.

The stock ran up big yesterday and dragged the whole semiconductor sector along with it in anticipation of a good earnings report last night. The headline numbers looked good and the stock traded up further but the conference call and guidance weren't so hot and Pro FX valikute ulevaade stock reversed.

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This morning the stock is down a little more as an analyst at Citigroup states that the good earnings were driven by other income and lower taxes. They say the "beat and raise story" is over for now and reiterate their "sell" advice.

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Stuff like that is not unusual during earnings season and it's why you have to suck it up and stay tough to protect recent gains, and more importantly, your precious capital. Think long and hard about betting on earnings reports or even continuing to hold a longer-term position through a report. It is a dangerous game and you don't have to play.

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We have a particularly interesting day shaping up for semiconductors. The SMH poked its head up out of a consolidation Yum Share Option Tehingud yesterday and looks quite healthy on a technical basis.

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Much of that was driven by expectations for the LRCX report and now it doesn't look as good. Another group to keep an eye on today is retailers. Costco COST - commentary - Cramer's Take has been in a downtrend for a while but reported decent numbers this morning and is trading up a bit.

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The retail group as a whole has been a leader lately and it will be instructive to see if interest in that group persists.

The continued decline in crude oil is certainly a factor there and we'll have to monitor that.

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We have a mildly positive open on the way but given how well we have done on soft opens lately that may cause some confusion. Overseas markets are mostly positive and we have the Beige Book report later today that may give us a jiggle or two. Now a housekeeping note: To those of you who've missed the ability to read all my posts on one page and to print them out, that feature has been added to the blogs.

Simply click on the day you're interested in the calendar archive to the right today's date if you want today's storiesand click "Print Today's Stories.

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