On the Enter your password screen, click Reset your password. For a quiz, press the Tab key until you hear "Review answers," and press Enter.

For Enterprise IDs, if the Stay Signed In option is enabled, the session lasts for up to two weeks even if you close the browser window, until you manually sign out.

  • Use a screen reader to check and share your form or quiz results in Microsoft Forms
  • Share the results with others Check the response summary To get an overview of the form or quiz responses, you can check the information in the response summary.
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  • We experienced that schools and education organizations may require additional documents to certify the competences learned or the presence in the training course.
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Why do I see multiple options after entering my email? What is account chooser?

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It is possible that you already have an Adobe ID associated with your work email. In such case, the system displays the account chooser screen and asks you to select the account you want to sign in to. These two accounts share the email address, but are distinct accounts.

Find solutions to sign-in related issues. Sign in to your company or school account Enter your official email address and click Continue. If your organization or school uses Single Sign-on, you're redirected to your organization's login page. Enter your password and click Continue. Can't clear the text that appears in Email address field?

I can't find my files and assets. How can I get them back?

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It is possible that you have signed in with a different account. The files and assets stored in one account are not accessible from the other. However, you can manually transfer your assets. To find your assets, try signing in to another account.

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If you are signed in to your Enterprise ID account with an email address that is also associated with an Adobe ID account, sign out and sign in to the Adobe ID account. Press the Down arrow key until you hear "Create a summary link," and press Enter.

Use a screen reader to check and share your form or quiz results in Microsoft Forms

You hear the link URL. Press the Tab key until you hear "Copy," and press Enter. The link is copied to the clipboard.

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Paste the link, for example, to a Microsoft Teams channel or an email message. Notes: If you share your form or quiz responses with anyone in your organization or school, and then decide to share it with only specific people in your organization or school, any summary sharing link that already exists can still be accessed by anyone inside or outside of your organization or school.

You can delete an existing summary link to disable it, which will reduce access to the response data. To delete the link, in the Responses tab, press the Tab key until you hear "More options," press Enter, press the Tab key until you hear "Remove link," and press Enter to select.

You can then create a new summary link if you want to share it with a new audience, but this new summary link can still be accessed by anyone who gets a hold of it.

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IFOM works closely with schools, teachers and students at regional and national level. Some of the IFOM trainers are working as well as teachers in local schools and are organising specific project-based and non formal activities for the student as such they can bring to the course concrete and real-life classroom experiences based on their practice.

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IFOM is member and participates in eTwinning particularly in the European Corner and notably using the teachers' corner to find teaching resources about European Union and European best practices.