Anyhow, the system in our study shows the present and near-future potential for such high-speed recording systems boarded on trains to assess the environmental impact of HSRs. Finally, we counted a total of 42 bird collisions, 28 of them recorded from the cabin.

Owners can sometimes face difficulties when managing a chat.

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This guide is here to help everyone from the inexperienced to the experienced owner make the best out of their chat group. Owning a chat group How do I create a chat group? Go to the create a group page and fill out the form.

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Make sure to use a valid e-mail address when filling out the form, or you won't be able to activate your group. If you don't receive an e-mail, check your spam folder.

Owner's Guide - xat wiki

How do I buy an existing chat group? Go to the transfer group page, enter the group name you desire, and click "get cost". If the name is unavailable, a red warning error will appear, and you may choose a different name. If error 6 shows, and you are a paid user, make a ticket under the help topic "Short names and Groups" to get the group name unlocked.


Note: The group must be ownerless for more than 3 months to be transferred. How do I delete my chat group or room? While it is not possible to wipe a chat off of xat, it is possible to delete all information off of a chat box, including backgrounds, as well as any edits Option Trade demonstration Video have made to the chat.

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To do this, hover over "group" at the top right and click "customize", enter the group password and go to the "miscellaneous" tab and click "delete". Once you do this, you will receive an e-mail with a link that will allow you to confirm the deletion of your chat. Click on it and your chat information and ownership will be successfully deleted.

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All information that ties the chat to the main owner will be erased from xat, and the group will be immediately put up for purchase.

Please note that the only way to re-gain ownership of a deleted chat is to purchase the chat group from xat. Note: It may take a couple of hours before the chat becomes completely blank, losing all media, etc.

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In the case that the chat group does not become immediately buyable, users may create a ticket under the help department of "Short names and groups" and request that the chat be put back up for sale.

You must be a paid Ostuvoimalused ja aktsiad to do this.

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What if I forget my chat's password? Hover over "group" at the top right of your chat and click "customize". Then, click "forgot password? A link will be sent to that e-mail with a new password.

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Use it to access your chat's edit page and change your password to a new one. Ma pole enam omanik, kuidas end positsioonile taastada?

To regain main ownership of your chat, you will need to log into the Option Trade demonstration Video chat page using the chat group password not your account password and go to the "miscellaneous" tab and then click the "get main" button. Your rank should now be restored.

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What do I do if someone has wrongfully gained main owner? If a user has wrongfully become main owner in your chat, you should first reset your chat before regaining main owner. First click the "reset chat" button before clicking the "get main" button.

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