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Shostakovich and the Suite for Organ which are analyzed from the point of view of form, musical language and performance.

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More than papers were presented by K. Stanyukovich's students, faculty, various universities staff and representatives of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Kirill Petrovich Stanyukovich 3 March, - 4 June, - an outstanding physicist, mathematician and engineer made a significant contribution to the development of various fields of science: gas dynamics, physics of explosion, magnetic hydrodynamics, astronomy.

He developed a hydrodynamic model of gravity, the theory of gravity with a variation of the effective gravitational constant, with a variable number of particles, he offered one of the first Universe evolution scenarios from the initial vacuum stage.

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Kirill Petrovich was the author of a number of inventions and of scientific and popular-science works. He came from an old noble family - the Stanyukovich. The famous writer and marine painter Konstantin Stanyukovich was his granduncle.

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Not yet having finished school, K. In the first K. Stanyukovich's research article on meteor astronomy in co-authorship with I. In K. Stanyukovich took part in the MSAF meteors observation expedition on the Karadag scientific station in the Crimea, and in proposed a GG Share Option Tehingud method for estimating the meteor extinction height, based on an empirical relationship between meteor brightness and path length.

In the same year he was involved in the processing of bright.

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