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In last November, José Manuel Barroso announced two desperate initiatives to avoid the collapse of the eurozone.

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Indeed, a treaty change could address number of fundamental questions about the European Monetary Union governance. Hence, what is required, is a Jaga valik Tehingute arvestust change, that would enable ECB to fulfil its broader role as TD Ameriditrade Option Trading Commission European central bank.

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The problem with treaty change, of course, is that EU treaty negotiations are notoriously difficult. What necessary is a substantial change in underlying treaties that would ease this negotiation and ratification problem. In fact, answer to the Lenin question is a specific exit mechanism form the eurozone and, arguably, from the EU too.

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Currently, all of the 27 members have to ratify treaty changes proposed and some countries Ireland either have to or sometimes want to ratify treaty changes by referendums. Failure to ratify amendments in a referendum or in parliament should automatically initiate negotiations on how the country should technically exit from the Eurozone or the EU; depending on the issue at stake. After few months of preparations, the question of whether to ratify the treaty change that was rejected earlier or whether to exit on terms negotiated by nowshould be asked.

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Although, this is a rather Machiavellian way of pushing through amendments, it should not be frowned upon. All treaty changes still require the unanimity in the European Council.

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Nor should the break-up of the EU be feared much. The only country whose exit from the Eurozone could possibly gather popular support is Germany where referendums are constitutionally forbidden.

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