Mõned neist kauplustest asusid uutes suurtes, tihedalt asustatud turgudel, sealhulgas meie esimestes kauplustes Bostonis, Long Islandis, Seattle'is ja San Francisco lahe piirkonnas. In terms of regional performance, is there any color that you can share outside of Houston? Me peame lootma. Küsimuse ja vastuse seanss järgib ametlikku esitlust. So it looks like there was quite a bit of upside from the rebate and cost out, and I was wondering if that's a bit more of a structural change that, we will continue to flow into

See, mida ütleb tegevjuht Elon Musk, aitab ettevõttel punast välja tulla ja see võiks olla ka esimene laialdaselt kasutatav elektriline auto. Ja ettevõtte ühe aastase ajaloo kõige olulisemate tähtaegade eel näeb ettevõte endiselt välja parim viis selle ehitamiseks.

Täna tähis Elon Musk teeb reeglipäraseid kommentaare Tesla kohta, kes konkureerib Uberiga Tesla tegevjuht Elon Musk soovitas kolmapäeval, et ta suudab luua nii hea autode jagamise võrgu, kliendid loobuvad Uberist ja teistest sõiduvahetusettevõtetest selle vastuvõtmiseks.

Kolmandal tulukutse ajal paluti Muskil selgitada, kas tema väljapakutud autode jagamise võrk, mida nimetatakse Tesla võrgustikuks, tekitaks Tesla tulu või aitaks Tesla omanikel oma sõidukite kulusid kompenseerida.

Vastusek Elon Musk on lõpetanud maailma suurima aku ehitamise vähem kui päeva jooksul Elon Musk näeb välja oma lubaduse ehitada maailma suurim liitium-ioonaku, et aidata Lõuna-Austraalial oma rängaid energiaprobleeme. Muskus on ajakavast tunduvalt ees Tesla! HaruldusMW aku on ette nähtud pingutamiseks ja testimiseks lähipäevil vastavalt kohaliku omavalitsuse pressiteatele. We still think the consumer is healthy, we believe we are posted in the -- upper single-digit comps in that type of environment that's really good.

So, our guidance reflects to -- what we've always said in our long-term plans, mid-to-upper single digits, that's how we plan the business, that's how we think about the business.

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In the fourth quarter, if you think about it, our total sales were still in line with the high end of our guidance, an 8. So very healthy growth in the environment, we're operating in and we think, well above industry standards. Good luck with the rest of the year.

I just want to follow-up on that last question. So I mean you are assuming the core comp does decelerate in the first quarter. So just -- is this conservatism you tend to like to be in range, you did a great job on that in the fourth quarter? Is it somehow, you're seeing a change in the consumer in terms of the breadth of the projects that you are taking on in the amount of ticket, clearly that's a focus for for you?

So just further a follow-up on why you're assuming the core comp as weather ticks down? Taylor -- Chief Executive Officer Yeah, I think -- Houston is probably is what's driving us the most complexity there.

So, the business has been fairly consistent and we expect that to continue through the first quarter of this year. As I mentioned in my prepared comments because of tariffs, because of higher concentration of new stores opening in the back part of the year as well as Houston abating, we expect our comps accelerate throughout the rest of the year.

And I think what we're seeing -- what the consumers are buying in the stores. We're seeing average unit retail as a good thing.

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Customers -- we are not seeing them step down to lower price point items, we are still seems step up the better and best. So, we still think the consumer is in a pretty good place.

And then as a follow-up, can you talk about, sort of what's the embedded comp that you get from new store maturation? How is that involving this year, you have the -- a high penetration of stores Millises tariif on varustatud aktsiaoptsioonitoodete tehingutega that opened in the past couple of years outside our core markets.

So is that a net benefit for this year? And then as you go forward, given there's going to be more stores opening in market -- existing market this year, how do you think about that -- into that waterfall benefit as you look out to ?

Tänan väga. We looked at this in detail again at the end of the fourth quarter and when we went public, we publicly disclosed about basis points of lift because of our new stores comping at a much higher rate than our more mature stores.

We look at that again for the year of fiscalas well as the fourth quarter and it's still running about basis points, which is quite impressive considering the overall first year volumes have gone up pretty substantially in the class of 16 and 17 and the class of 18 will be a good class of stores as well. So as we look to the -- as we look towe have planned that to be a little bit more conservative, just gives our new stores have performed better. Hopefully, we were wrong again, and it continues to perform at that same rate but it's been about basis points and it's been pretty consistent.

So, I thought I answered that.

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Simeon Gutman - Morgan Stanley - analüütik Tänan, hea hommik. My first one, I want to hit on the macro one more time. So when we saw your ICR, your commentary felt reshoring that's more of my words then yours, in that you described the is somewhat decelerating, but that you were seeing signs of stabilization, is there anything different from what you were seeing at that point, which I assume reflected more of the fourth quarter, then how the beginning of the year has played out, any variability.

Tom, you mentioned you're not really seeing anybody trade down. So I just want to probe, how you felt then versus what you're seeing to start the year? Taylor -- Chief Executive Officer Tänan.

It's still -- the consumer is still healthy, customers are still buying up the line. The market is -- maybe not as a great as it was two, three years ago, but we still feel it's a good market to participate and then when you think about the company.

We're continuing to take share at a pretty high rate, there is still a secular shift from carpet in the hard surface line.

We just have a lot of factors that help us no matter what happens within the economy. Simeon Gutman - Morgan Stanley - analüütik Okei. My follow-up is on the EBIT margin. So I think your assumptions on our EBIT margins are in the ballpark once you -- on an adjusted basis, really the big adjustment will have this coming year for adjusted EBIT, would be that relocation of our store support center.

And then for the fiscal year '19, all of our adjustments will be similar. We will have an add back, -- new add-back, I think we'll have will be the corporate office relocation, and is really the only new add-back, I think we're going to have on a go-forward basis. Simeon Gutman - Morgan Stanley - analüütik And then long term as far as the leverage in the model?

So I think our view is that we want to get a little bit of leverage out of both. We want to continue to be a low price leader.


We're confident and our prices are low, we watch that very closely every week, and so, what we do think there is -- hopefully, get Moodsad valikud kauplemise mang leverage out of distribution centers and shrink and things of that nature. So we do think there is a modest amount of gross margin opportunity for us as we look to the future.

Those will be completely embedded into the total basis. We get 12 months of operating expenses in Simeon Gutman - Morgan Stanley - analüütik Suurepärane. Meie järgmine küsimus pärineb Chuck Gromi ja Gordon Haskettiga. Chuck Grom - Gordon Haskett - analüütik Hei tänu. Tere hommikust. Guys, can you just walk through the shift in the gross margin complexion from the fourth quarter, which is down about I think you guys had down 30 basis points to the expectation for it to be up 70 basis points to 80 basis points, if you could just maybe just walk through mix transportation, anything like supply chain shrink?

This is Trevor. Most of what happened in the fourth quarter, obviously was a lot happened late with the tariffs going into effect on September Tom kind of mentioned this on the last call, Lisa talked about it. Most of that beat was the merchandising team hustled, and went out and got accommodations and rebates and better costing than we had planned for. Shrink was a little bit actually below our plans, worse than our plan. And we actually donate a little bit more inventory to habitat in the year as well, but the majority of that beat was the merchandising team doing a good job in getting cost out.

Chuck Grom - Gordon Haskett - analüütik And then just your expectation for it to be up in the first quarter, so much like what's shifting. Trevor Lang -- Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer So the biggest driver of what's driving Q1 gross margin being higher is we added a substantial amount of distribution capacity in late and therefore in Q1, it was all new -- of Now, that we're a year beyond that, we really didn't add any distribution center capacity in We're going to get a fair amount of leverage.

The majority of that gross margin beat is in distribution center leverage for Q1. And then the remaining piece, it is our product margins are just performing a bit stronger as well. Chuck Grom - Gordon Haskett - analüütik Olgu, see on Millises tariif on varustatud aktsiaoptsioonitoodete tehingutega. I am curious, what you're seeing from some of the independents and how they've reacted in -- and that has been an opportunity near term for you to take market share?

Lisa G. This is Lisa.

We've seen a few of the independents start to take price up. I think it may be a little bit more challenging for some of them just having the distributors and the way that they sourced products for us, we go direct to the source that we have -- that you're supposed and that really makes the decisions and so we've been very fortunate that we've had very good, very good luck getting cost out working with our vendors.

So we have seen a little from the independents and would expect to continue to see that. Chuck Grom - Gordon Haskett - analüütik Olgu, tore.

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Matt McClintock - Barclays - analüütik Jah, hea hommik, kõik. Tom, I wanted to talk about the accessory attach rate.

Floor & Decor Holdings, Inc. (FND) Q4 Tulude konverentsi kõne transkriptsioon - Tulu

It seems like you're really focused on that as a huge opportunity. In terms of putting that in the incentive comp plan for the year for the stores, is that something that's new for the first time in ? And then, Trevor, are you embedding any gross margin improvement or sequential improvement from selling more accessories this year in ?

Taylor -- Chief Executive Officer Yeah, so that is something that we've been talking about it all through.

Floor & Decor Holdings, Inc. (FND) Q4 2018 Tulude konverentsi kõne transkriptsioon

So the whole time I've been here, we've talked about attachment selling and selling total project, trying to -- oftentimes the customers leave our stores and they don't have all the accessories -- that they need to install the project and that frustrates us and we've talked and talked and talked and we thought -- we found during the middle part of the year, we really started putting the pressure on rigidcore vinyl, although to make sure that we're putting stuff with that.

As we were measuring it more, talking about it more we starting to see a benefit, and we saw better attachment rate and is, as we thought about next year our store managers plans, and our department managers bonus plans are, they were pretty simplistic in their approach and we said let's -- we had been talking for years of what other metric can be put in there to get into focus on it and we said, attachment selling in my mind is two things.

It really -- it improves customer service, so it's such a benefit for the Millises tariif on varustatud aktsiaoptsioonitoodete tehingutega for our associates to do a good job of saying, hey don't leave here without buying vapor barrier if you're buying rigid vinyl core, and make sure we sell that quarter round molding.

It's really good for the customers, so we have to make a second trip and then it's also really good for us because we saw gross margin. So this is a brand new thing for us. We just got out of our store managers meeting that we did in January sold to the group.

As I've -- as I've toward the stores we've seen a lot of excitement within the stores is a -- it's a pretty good way for them to make it easy part of their bonus so, so new and more excited about what it can contribute.

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We did not play in a lot of gross margin of appreciation because of this, that is a higher margin gross products. So if we have as much success as we're hopeful to, we'll talk about that over the coming quarters.

Matt McClintock - Barclays - analüütik Täiuslik. And then just -- as my second follow-up on.

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I know this question has been asked before, but you know as we get into the and beyond. At what point will you be able to simplify the store-opening schedule. So that you start to get those opened earlier in the year. And so there might be a little bit of pressure in earlyjust because we're going to -- we're going to have opened those stores earlier, but we know when we open our stores earlier, the overall profit for the year is much higher. And so I think will be a little bit, we won't have as much leverage in the first half of as we're in the back half of again only because we're going to finally open the cadence of stores more equally throughout the year versus being so back-end loaded.

Taylor -- Chief Executive Officer And I would say, our real estate pipeline is the best that it's been since I've been here. Matt McClintock - Barclays - analüütik Thanks a lot for that color, guys.

Palju edu. Seth Basham - Wedbush Securities - analüütik Suur tänu ja hea hommik.

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My question is around the fourth quarter comp. In terms of regional performance, is there any color that you can share outside of Houston? Look, there's always different operating areas that we want to push to get better, but overall, I'm pleased with the performance around the country, we saw pretty consistent performance across everywhere.

So, no real comment to add. Seth Basham - Wedbush Securities - analüütik Aitäh. And my follow-up. Lisa is, regards to the pricing compared environment, you mentioned there had been some moves by independents, but what about the big box competitors?

How they reacted in terms of pricing for some of the Chinese import products that are affected by tariffs and how you guys responded? Andmed on turvatud ja andmekandja on piisava salvestusmahu ja -võimega, et tagada andmete terviklikkus, autentsus ja konfidentsiaalsus.

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