Traders receive telephone instructions identifying pairs and prices. The members of LLC have the right to sell an additional Kõik õigused kaitstud.

Traders receive telephone instructions identifying pairs and prices. Their ability to track positions and continually re-price options on one stock quickly gives Timber Hill traders an advantage over their counterparts at the exchange, who continue to use fair value pricing sheets that are updated only once or twice a day.


Timber Hill begins trading at the Philadelphia Stock Exchange. Timber Hill expands to 12 employees. The system allows Timber Hill to centrally price and manage risk on a portfolio of equity derivatives traded in multiple locations around the country.

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We install stacks of computer screens on the exchange floors at strategic locations. They are connected to our computer systems in our offices.

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The screens show our traders, with color coded strips so that they can be read from a distance, the firm's bids and offers for the various products traded on the exchange. The screens also take touch input so that so that completed trades are input. The trading software is rewritten to run on SUN workstations hugely increasing processing speed. The trading software is rewritten to run on SUN workstations, hugely increasing processing speed.

The stock market crash creates the impetus for cross margining between clearing houses with Timber Hill as a major proponent, as Peterffy is a member of the Board of the Options Clearing Corporation.

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Cross-margining emerges several years later. Timber Hill expands to 67 employees, most of them on exchange floors, trading with often changing, colored striped screens. The first automated trader on Wall Street.

Timber Hill agrees to make a continuous market on options in exchange of being able to communicate with the exchange electronically.

  1. Our mission remains unchanged: "Create technology to provide liquidity on better terms.
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Timber Hill hooks up its automated market making system, but the exchange would send trade confirmations to a screen and would not agree to digital. Timber Hill must build a photo lens and optical recognition system to understand trades. This is Timber Hill's first application of its trading system on a fully automated exchange.

Timber Hill expands to employees.

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In the United States, Timber Hill floor traders begin using commercially available handheld computers on the exchange floors, communicating by radio with the firm's Central pricing system. The handheld allows traders to create electronic trade tickets. The CME gives permission to the company to be represented in the trading pit by floor-traders holding handheld computers connected by radio waves, giving the impetus for brokerage.

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