I just tell you this. Let me invite you to since we're doing this this vertical tasting for those of you who are gonna open both bottles or have opened both bottles. Very good.

Thank you. Thank you and thank you so much you've gotten gotten us a very strange patch for all of us and we're so grateful we're already starting starting to see you crawling out of the cave and making your way here to here to shadow of the Blue Ridge, last couple of weekends, so we're Grapen Stock Options forward to seeing everybody as Safe and comfortable in the weather cooperates, it it has been doing lately.

It has been let me tell you what we're gonna today. This is our virtual tasting for Cabernet.

Additional Information

I'm gonna tell you how much I enjoy covering for. I am crazy about frong and we'll it more in a minute let Shanghai borsil ETF valikud give you the lineup for today I'm gonna share some program notes with you about the state of play for a visit here at Valley Road. Might find interesting useful humorous Cabernet and then we will will move back and taste the and the program will take about 30 minutes as usual and but what do we we do We do anything else at this point If haven't already, please open your bottles and if you intend to taste both today, go ahead and open both of them.

Now, I have already opened and decant it into my.

Anyway, both the 17 and 18, so I wanna invite do that now. But if you have an airway, go ahead and please use that as you wine and your glass or if you're gonna decca, you have time to do do that.

One of the aspects of Cabernet is that to take an edge off of spiciness to the can't the wine I've never been quite sure that that's accurate. Tomorrow For the For the first time, we can a limited indoor seating, so we're we're gonna do that. Born what we've done in keeping with Phase one is provided seating in the patio. It's a beautifully landscaped grassy area where a lot of our couples vows when we have weddings here and then the born deck is open and has been opened.

Views If you you again, if you haven't there, the views for the Blue Ridge Ridge from way up high there or breathtaking, but the indoor of the board will open again if you'd rather get out out of sunshine or in the case of may rain all the chance of rain tomorrow and Sunday a very, small. And as as you transit from one spot to another queue up up for the restroom or go up to the walk up up bar and get wine or when you're when you're in motion interacting with other people are not in your party.

You're not you know at your table. We do need you to wear a mask so please mask with you you those of you who've been living under a rock and don't know that what a mask is we will have one for purchase at a gargantuan. Probably almost a dollar but please Grapen Stock Options bring your best and will see you at the greeting station, which is another change.

Palun vaata oma broneeringu tingimused üle

So we need to do those things for your safety and the safety of our staff as well. We're gonna do it earlier this time.

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So, as I said, you'll have some wine in your hand while you listen to me on okay, I understand not everyone is gonna open both bottles today for of of one of you know getting passage Prime before you finish it, you know if that's your choice.

I wonder whether any of you our tools virtual month, led by Allison Muff bought or or already have perhaps but a a coreen or similar device where you can put a needle Cork and using gas can force wind out of the bottle into the glass without taking the cork out and it really matters materially to enhancing longevity of. I should say so might be opportunity if you do have a core band Grapen Stock Options open one bottle and the van for your tasting on the on other one so we're gonna do this.

I really had about doing it another way, but the standard way that you do a vertical tasting if you haven't been to one when you're tasting the same wine from different vintages and and we this with Meritage and petite beaux and others. That at okay, you're ready if you can't and you've you've got your poor, let's do it.

  1. Довериться.
  2. Kuidas hoolitseda kaubanduse kriptavara |

Now I will tell you which is good. Is what I expected, but it's a thing when you first and if you just yours often times, you you will see Corona the edge of the right top edge wine.

Usually we'll move away and I could see that's exactly what happened since I. Now about minutes ago, maybe so that that's what I'm saying here again to the 18 is the definition of a medium bodied wine.

Grapen Stock Options

Remember we've talked before about the the Tenseness or intensity of a particular and you can almost almost bet that Grapen Stock Options wine looks intense to dense, that is exactly what you're Millised on erinevad voimalused strateegia get on the pallet this one. Of medium, which is what most rocks different different gradations of medium light to medium heavy, but it's not a Cabernet Sauvignon.

It's not a it's not that big bold dense Red but it's also a say a a German or Swiss Noir would be a pale. Swirling if you're adept at swirling in the in the air and you splash it all over the place, which which is a really tough thing with Red wine. I'm gonna assume that we've one swirled up aerated up for for now. What are we talking about what sniffing you you get turn the glass on an angle. Don't don't get it it like if you're afraid of it.

Quick Overview

Get Snoop full. You know you know, it's really it's really and again for those you who who did open your wine, maybe now 10 minutes ago You'll notice that there's no There's no excessive alcohol burning up your nose nose there so really get the full flavor of the smell the aroma of the fruit.

It's lovely. So again once you you you get sense from the the wine.

Grapen Stock Options

How intense you expect us to be the one thing you can't is Super pepper. You You can get a it's peppery, but you can't TD AMERRADE valikuvoimalused oppetund appreciate sometimes so we'll see.

How you perceive this this now we're gonna sip remember not Grapen Stock Options full mouth full just to hold it in the front of your mouth. Very good. As you know, you to mimic all this noise make, but some some of like to when you develop your own style. So that's the point of my doing that.

Again, don't hesitate to say say anything about what I'm getting is. I don't want to prejudice your full experience. Let's have a full mouthful and then we'll talk about it.

Alright, full mouth. Let me invite you to since we're doing this this vertical tasting for those of you who are Grapen Stock Options open both bottles or have opened both bottles. Let me invite you to jot down little notes about.

Thank you. Thank you and thank you so much you've gotten gotten us a very strange patch for all of us and we're so grateful we're already starting starting to see you crawling out of the cave and making your way here to here to shadow of the Blue Ridge, last couple of weekends, so we're looking forward to seeing everybody as Safe and comfortable in the weather cooperates, it it has been doing lately. It has been let me tell you what we're gonna today. This is our virtual tasting for Cabernet. I'm gonna tell you how much I enjoy covering for.

Did get pepper particular type of pepper occurred to you and then fruit. Come back to our own notes about the wine when we're on place and we can compare notes.

  • If there is a one thing that tourists notice most when they visit us, it is the hospitality, generosity of spirit and friendliness of the Portuguese, who are always ready to help if they are stopped on the street and asked for information.
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  • Каждый из них дважды ударил осужденную жезлом, и она рухнула между своими палачами.

Alright, I Grapen Stock Options start with this quote from one of one of the most widely known wine bloggers and and commentators fairly respected sure, so sometimes it has some fun because she she has the level with several others where they can. I think good natured barbs at one another. I'm not quite sure but anyway, I'm gonna this Robinson and Jis is a Britt. I just thought I found this accurate but also just well put. I'm not a enthusiast sexual stereotyping of wines, but even I can see that Covenant must be might be described as feminine side Cabernet Sauvignon.

It is suddenly suddenly fragrant and flirtatious rather than massively massively muscular and youth because Sauvignon has so much of everything body, alcohol color.

Grapen Stock Options

It is often surprised that supposed to be is often supposed. Necessarily superior, but I have have a very soft spot.

First of all I probably should have addressed this with you and one of our first virtual Grapen Stock Options that I. I did so I now and that is that coming from.

The reason that's important Vienne is thought to or synonymous with all the basic European you've ever heard of that are commercially available and successful, mostly. Centered around France but but found out Europe, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Of and Grapen Stock Options and on on but it with doesn't doesn't mean anything to you.

But that is where these are found and promoted in in a commercial quantities so vidas for the frog is Usaf, mean why do I bring that up well education?

I Bordeaux grape grapes like coming from Cabernet Sauvignon beaux Malbec. So what is a hybrid? Vidor one that we love here we grow here is and so, but the result either of of human interaction and intention or the rare crossing in nature nature to create a new organism.

So focus that it it is Vectra just a little program. Note there for you Also, you may recall if watching this the virtual to do with Sauvignon Blanc that I told you much to my surprise that four years ago, frankly, but I learned that Cabernet Sauvignon this big grape is one most widely grown in the is actually the child Sauvignon Blanc that tart grapefruit citrus be a White wine and covered.

Grapen Stock Options

I found that fascinating for some reason but it also turns out that Cabernet Franc is the parent of Merlot so anyway. They're all they are they have same species, Grapen Stock Options it make it clear with hybrids. So that's what it's all about and by way this is another great tip. I think Folk is also finally the parrott of pulmonary and common area like say Pettite vaux largely blending grape in both they have it there but vaux turned out to be fat fabulous single varietal wine when grown and made pulmonary is a great single Grapen Stock Options when grown and made in Chile, for example, so culinary.

For you to you like this sort of wine I never quite but probably originated in Basque region. You're going bad. That's Spain. However, baskets itself historically was a region and. Right at the Pyrenees right Bay the day, where France and Spain meet and and so somewhere in that general region they believed Cabernet frog originated long long ago France.

Cabernet Franc found principally in Bordeaux, of course with planted heavily Loire Valley. That seems to thrive there. And so that's today's French Cabernet frog may fail.

So it's it's difficult, sometimes without doing It's a to do Grapen Stock Options homework When you you Grapen Stock Options wines, you're not quite know what the grapes grapes are bottle. Sure in country, you know California, of course, dominant and with every great in terms of for the most part, but California, the of Capra is to be found in Napa and Sonoma I think many of us think that That while we've identified at least Virginia grapes that just do very well that or if several world class, but certainly the top of their game you Pitman saying Vienne, of course, the the one that has led the pack and maybe not gotten quite the breakout press around the world over the last 20 years, but it's consistently absolutely.

It's coming from was front before these other. I just tell you this. I was like these and figures and the one RSI Trading strateegia Pithon giving you now that I look back at the commercial great report for Virginia for the which was as as recall a Professionaalide kaubandusstrateegiad harvest the leading Great production in of tons not necessarily acres under Vine, but it wasn't case as is was Cabernet from that was a little bit of a surprise to me.

We grow it. I don't know what the surprise to but wasn't leading leading great and it was not the expensive to buy, but it was right up at the the upper echelon.

0-3 aastat

So alright I wanna get to the. Let's take a look at this. I actually do we'll talk about that Grapen Stock Options just a minute so not that gross, but say something Squirrel Think it's probably a good shape one. So, Do it? Okay, let's get the full mouth. Remember from our tastings, how important it is to focus on the well, You can love a doesn't have to be if somebody else's criteria, But typically we think that we have a better overall experience with the wine tasting if we have that full finish not too much, but I use the term before the finish or it dies on on the that you don't get to really savor the full line after you swallow.

I think both of these.