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The data have been subject to rigorous quality control QC in order to ensure highest possible quality and consistency.

He talks in maths, he buzzes like a fridge, he's like a detuned radio.

The data for most of the parameters included were examined in order to quantify systematic biases in the reported values, i. Significant biases have been corrected for in the data products, i. The Arctic Mediterranean Seas include the Arctic Ocean and the Nordic Seas, and the quality control was carried out separately in these two areas.

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One cruise had salinity data that were of questionable quality, and these have been removed from the data product. An evaluation of the consistency of the quality controlled salinity data suggests that they are consistent to at least ±0.

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The Chandra X-ray photo of the horseshoe-shaped outer nebula surrounding the bipolar lobes indicates an earlier outburst occurring over a thousand years ago. Because η Carinae is so far south, it is entirely possible that the outburst would not have been seen by the Chinese and other observers in the northern hemisphere.

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Researchers are looking for possible recordings by early southern hemisphere observers. Pre-Incan artifacts excavated in Bolivia may provide an answer.

In the script and artwork carvings on a monolith stone statue, an artifact of the Tiahuanacan culture, are signs possibly depicting the earlier outburst of η Carinae--the recordings of a Binary Opcion Indoneesia that suddenly brightened in their night sky. Two small stones from the same era and also found on the south shore of Lake Titicaca may also show Kuidas mangida valikutehinguid aktsiaturul related to this brightening.

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Methods and Materials: For 98 lung patients, daily image-guidance cone-beam computed tomography scans were analyzed. Tattoos were used for initial patient alignment; then, spine and carina registrations were performed independently.

A separate analysis assessed the adequacy of gross tumor volume, internal target volume, and planning target volume coverage on cone-beam computed tomography Binary Opcion Indoneesia the initial, middle, and final fractions of radiation therapy.

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Three scenarios were compared: tattoos alignment, spine registration, and carina registration. The mean vector difference between spine and carina matching had a magnitude of 3.

Conclusion: Frequent patient setup errors occur in locally advanced lung cancer patients.

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Spine and carina registrations improved combined target coverage throughout the treatment course, but carina matching provided superior combined target coverage.