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Petersburg line was opened on 24 October. As early as andFr. Kreutzwald and J. Jannsen had introduced the Estonians to a steam carriage moving on rails.

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Both men considered railway very important both from the point of view of traffic flow and economy. The railway soon reached the southern part of the Government of Livonia.

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The Tapa—Tartu railway was completed inand inTartu got a railway connection with Riga via Valga. People dreamt of a Tallinn—Pskov railway via Pechory as early as the last decades of the 19th century, but the actual construction began only in the late s. As early Kuidas kaubelda talveta Bitquoinsthe route of the Tartu—Pechory railway was marked at ground level, but the construction failed to begin due to economic difficulties.

Transit to Russia was also considered Tallinn—Moscow direct line.

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Early inpeople in south-eastern Estonia Põlva, Kanepi, Kambja, and Räpina parishes became active in their demands for rail connections. Meetings were arranged, signatures gathered, and petitions sent to the Prime Minister, the government and ministries. In the petitions sent early in the year, the reasons given for the importance of the railway for the region were economic and strategic.

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The railway was considered so important that each village and small town wanted it to pass them as near to them as possible. The eastern route via Kauksi was supported by the people in Räpina parish, whereas the western route via Põlva was favoured by the people in Põlva parish, as well as, by the communes in Kanepi and Kambja parishes.

On 25 Maythe Third Estonian Parliament passed the Railway Network Development Act, but it did not fix precisely the middle section of the route.

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The marking of the route began in June; the engineers who worked on it proposed that the railway should be built along the western route: it would be considerably cheaper there would be less excavation work, it would pass more densely populated areas, and it would be farther from waterways. The struggle for the route continued all through the summer.


Those in favour of the eastern route tried to depreciate the opponents in every way by presenting false information: they have sand hills, less developed agriculture, and poor soil that never yields a good harvest. The people were informed about the developments by the local newspaper Võru Teataja the Võru Gazette.

At the end of August, the Estonian government determined the route once and for all, and the disputes came to an end.

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The final route was a compromise: after Põlva, the railway went east to Pechory to satisfy the inhabitants of Räpina parish, instead of going in a straight direction. The construction of the railway began in January The Danish company Højgaard ja Schultz was chosen as the builder; it was to carry out all the excavation work, the building of bridges, and the installation of rails.

Seega polnud kindel, kas mu meeldetuletuskaustast tellimisel see tellimus ikka vormistus. Ootasin üsna kaua kuna ilmus alles veebruaris, siis ei saanudki ju väga kaua olla?

The railway was festively opened in Tartu on 31 October ; the traffic, however, had partly started as early as spring. An important task was to erect station buildings.

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In the following summers, trains with reduced ticket Mis on parem IQ variant vorreldes olumpiamangudega were arranged for holiday makers, and these often took several thousand inhabitants of Tartu to natural beauty spots. The new railway began to mould its surroundings: new small towns emerged in the neighbourhood of Veriora and Põlva stations the railway was three kilometres from the small town of Põlva, and Taevaskoja developed into a popular summer resort.

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The remote Pechory County got a direct train connection with Tartu and Tallinn. The increased transport of goods demanded better roads and gave an impetus to road construction.

The Tartu—Pechory Koidula railway is still transporting passengers and goods today.

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