What are you talking about? Maybe that means that's when it was made. If only you had a Russian.

We have a theme tonight which isn't our normal theme of random Spaceman kits. We've got a completely different whole new range of stock coming in. It's really exciting before we talk about it. Of course, I'm gonna and uh actually be able to hear you guys as normal. It is a good time. That's my fault. Classic me good evening. How are you good evening guys Everyone to everyone Also alright.

We've got a we've got a whole bunch of other random smaller brands, but what we have now is plates What else do we got Jane? We got helicopters. What else we got. We got what the heck. Is this, I have no idea I don't even know like this like a plane a cup to a cup of plane. It's AI don't know but anyway guys um we're looking a little bit different tonight.

Peter Chad, a good evening. Thank you uh Scott and Andrew Good evening guys. So we're gonna be talking about the new range of stuff that we've got in. We'll show you guys what we have got um we got one coming up. We got we got fruit. Yeah you pull the names were hard to pronounce before so, Oh gosh. Japanese things were hard to pronounce so we've got German stuff. That's not even these aren't even letters that there's no V in this word anyway.

Alright, so we're gonna be talking about on this stuff tonight Hama Trading System uh where is I can hear him but not uh camouflage.

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Indeed, I'm hiding where am I I'm over there. I'm over here.

Robot binaarsed variandid

I'm I'm down here. I'm wherever you want me to be in the shop anyways so. We're gonna go through all these tips that we've got here um Jay has fantastically selected us a whole bunch of stuff um basically one of one of everything one of some really cool things um and we're just gonna go through them guys. Um we're gonna we're gonna have a chat about what we see yes.

Jay No. I'm just grabbing something something that's very good. Take a look at some of these kits. How are you okay? Let's start with let's start with something. The truck thing this the military-style vehicle okay, so if anyone in the chat so you guys are probably wondering as a gun store why we have these kits in and why are we getting this new product?

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The answer is kickboxing. So we thought we get some more military grade kit or military grade military. The genre uh military genre kicks um for Hama Trading System guys to try um to see if there's different parts that you can use for your kid bashing and all that kind of stuff is a whole bunch of new brands and stuff that we've got in as well, which is again a chance for you guys to give us feedback on products and such um in terms of price pointing, I think we've done pretty well with this um in terms of getting them in as cheap as we can again can give us more information on the pricing.

Oh yeah, we bought them from a. So a lot of the kids are pre owned the boxes. They're not in the best shape, but we got them at a good rate from a collector, so we can sell them cheap to you guys. Yes, exactly so a lot of yeah.

Teata ebasobivast posititusest

A lot of these things are second hand. We do have some new stuff as well, but the really cool thing is we've got some stuff. That's really rare. We've got some stuff that's really unique and again like it's a good chance for you guys to try something new.

Khelifa, A.

So we're gonna open up a bunch of stuff today um if had a car wait wait if had a tank. What do you pilot the chalk or at a car? The main protect the main antagonist of gun How am I meant to know this?

I don't watch the news, but we Hama Trading System about this. We've talked about this mommy got a certain amount of brain cells. Okay anyway. Hama Trading System don't think I don't think this was ever actually made, but this is something that Germans designed alright well anyway, so we've got the crop we actually have two of them.

It's the aroma. Yes, we have two aroma and we got KZ and we've got s well, no they're both. They're both the crop this year is the version is the. On Yes, I see what you mean, but now we have them in two different scales, one thirty-fifth and one seventy-second.

That's where people's backs go sort RSC Trading System the little robots how many of the kids being started? No these are all if you look whenever you go on to our website, you'll see a grade system on what the kit is.

Yes, like uh these would all be graded be where the boxes they're not in the best condition, Hama Trading System the some of them oh no some Suured delta aktsiate tehingud some of them are great a condition, but the ones that aren't aren't all the contents are.

Looge Crypt Trade Robot

In immaculate condition, alright, so we're gonna have a look at some of the kittens today guys some of the details A lot of a lot of people might be scared because the plastic is only one color.

We got some more detailed from wheels. The wheels and this thing is just huge. I think what's quite cool about military type kids is you get like a whole lot of rivet details and stuff like that, so you can see sort of like in some of these smaller pieces here you've got like Hama Trading System The.

The riveting details that make things look more mechanical, which is quite nice. You've got some big pieces that maybe you could use for different stands different objects, different vehicles, whatever you need um, but there's a whole range of that sort of kind of kind of stuff inside um what scale would they gel with relatively gun? That is a difficult thing to go with because as you could say the these are all one uh what is it?

These are all like one to um human scale.

Riskivabade valikute strateegiad

Not human scale, They're one to fifth and roughly one to How are J? Yeah The details are riveting. We don't have crickets here we don't have crickets. I didn't I didn't come out and it was a James Ford kinda drink.

You know what I'm saying. Oh God um oh my God transform my cross kick bash that would be pretty cool. That would be cool anyway. It's like if we take a look at this kid here right. It's a very nice kit. It is a scale US MC landing landing craft air cushion yes, an air cushion.

I guess you could say it's only designed as she is no no it technically is a cushion for our tank Good evening. How are you today? How was your day?

Bagaimana Cara Meraftar Binaarne valik

Please I'd love to see it that would be very nice now to get a good perspective of how big this kid is we need to take a a look. Oh, oh yeah cuz that is. Made like rubber that's sick, It is squishy, but anyway, you can see all the kind of tiny little pots.

It's like it is it is essentially a hobby craft you could have uh guns trying to get on to land with this hora right. The only thing is the skill would be off, but at the end of the it's what you really.

Valikud kauplemise heli

You can make your own Hama Trading System. I'm liking that Jared. Hama Trading System believe how many of these do we have. Oh this. Oh, that's a thing. A lot of the kits we have. One of each cuz as as you we got a collector, he doesn't have doubles. He's got one of everything so you could have guns line Hama Trading System guns line up on this landing craft.

Yeah, that is pretty cool and you can get you can get an idea of how big it is by the base I guess so we had this.