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Mõiste huts määratlus ja tõlge aadressil Wikipedia.

Will put down few words daily as promised for more than a year now :

Armas koht, kus nad elavad, kuna nad olid pankrotivõlglased, teate - hr. A wilderness hut was built in in the saddle between the two summits but collapsed after only a few years.

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Kõrbeonn ehitati kahe tippkohtumise vahel sadulasse On 16 Augustthis hut completely burned down after a cooking stove fell over. On 23 April, the sun set for the duration of the winter months, and the party settled into the Cape Evans hut. The Northern Party spent the winter in their hut. Põhjapoolne partei veetis Cherry-Garrard lahkus Hut Pointist koos Dimitri ja kahe koeratiimiga On returning to Hut Point on 25 November, the search party found that Campbell's Northern Party had rescued itself and had returned safely to base.

The general routine of hut life was enlivened by elaborate celebrations of birthdays, often concluding with improvised concerts.

Onni üldist rutiini elavdasid keerulised sünnipäevade tähistamised, lõpetades sageli improviseeritud kontsertidega. For the group left at Cape Denison, winter came early, confining them mostly to the hut for many months.

Crypt Monet Merchant Group neemelt lahkunud rühma jaoks saabus talv varakult, piirates neid mitu kuud enamasti onni. Saabudes Their food worries were now resolved, but they still had to get back to Hut Point before the 1 March deadline. Nende toidumured olid nüüd lahendatud, kuid enne 1.

Chancellor Hut was built in —31 on the southwest face of Chancellor Ridge, now m above the glacier.

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Kantsler Hut ehitati aastatel —31 kantsler Ridge'i edelapoolsele küljele, nüüd m liustikust kõrgemale. On 6 January the party reached the hut to the great joy of Morton Moyes who had thought Harrisson dead.

An alternative route goes from the Braunschweiger Hut in the Paevane kauplemisvoimalused elavad glacier area. Alternatiivne tee kulgeb Pitztaleri liustiku piirkonnas asuvast Braunschweigeri onnist. Pizza Hut chain restaurant in Athens, Ohio. Pizza Huti ketirestoran Ohios Ateenas. Keep the slanderer near you, build him a hut in your courtyard — For, without soap or water, he will scrub your character clean.

Hoidke laimajat enda lähedal, ehitage talle oma sisehoovi onni - Sest ilma seebi ja veeta puhastab ta teie tegelase puhtaks. The two met in a hut at the foothills of Pratapgad fort on 10 November Mõlemad kohtusid Others who have written in support of polygenesis include Grete Mecenseffy and Crypt Monet Merchant Group Klaassen, who established links between Thomas Müntzer and Hans Hut.

Vai's personal studio, The Harmony Hut, is a large edifice located in his backyard equipped with a full control room and performance room. Vai isiklik stuudio The Harmony Hut on tema koduaias asuv suur ehitis, mis on varustatud täieliku juhtimisruumi ja esinemisruumiga.

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In warm weather, they constructed portable wigwams, a type of hut usually with buckskin doors. Sooja ilmaga ehitasid nad kaasaskantavaid vigvameid, seda tüüpi onni, millel on tavaliselt taevaniuksed.

Austria onn on leitud Lewise liustiku lähedalt Point Lenana nõlvadelt. There should be no question in anyone's mind that Turing's work was the biggest factor in Hut 8's success. Kellegi meelest ei tohiks olla küsimust, et Turingi töö oli Hut 8 edu suurim tegur. InTuring proposed marriage to Hut 8 colleague Joan Clarke, a fellow mathematician and cryptanalyst, but their engagement was short-lived. Sam and Gilly stop at an abandoned hut for the night while travelling to the Wall.

Sam ja Gilly peatuvad seinale reisides ööseks mahajäetud onnis. Barry is getting frustrated about the state of the hut. Barry pettub onni Crypt Monet Merchant Group pärast. The film's songs were written and performed by Willie Hutch, and a soundtrack album was released on Motown Records in Filmi laulud kirjutas ja esitas Willie Hutch ning Ian Hutchby has researched power relations in phone ins, looking at arguments and confrontations.

Ian Hutchby on uurinud võimusuhteid telefonisiseselt, vaadeldes argumente ja vastasseise. Cave on Michael Hutchence'i tütre Taevase Hiraani tiigerliilia ristiisa.

Ramsay married Cayetana Elizabeth Hutcheson, a Montessori-trained schoolteacher, in Ramsay abiellus Montessori koolituse saanud õpetaja Cayetana Elizabeth Hutchesoniga Around the Jacksons adopted Andrew Jackson Hutchings who was the grandson of Rachel's sister and the son of a former business partner of Jackson's. Umbes The area around Clarksville was first surveyed by Thomas Hutchins in Clarksville'i ümbrust uuris esmakordselt Thomas Hutchins Koht, mille võiksite leida isegi sellisest lollimast linnast nagu Hutchinson.

Sanford on linn Ameerika Ühendriikides Texases Hutchinsoni maakonnas.

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Carol Symphony is a collection of four preludes, written by Victor Hely-Hutchinson in Carol Symphony on neljast prelüüdist koosnev kogumik, mille kirjutas Victor Hely-Hutchinson The Hutchinson Elks were a minor league baseball team based in Hutchinson, Kansas.

Hutchinson Elks oli väiksema liiga pesapallimeeskond, mis asus Kansases Hutchinsonis. The following year the Pirates reestablished a franchise in Hutchinson which existed until Järgmisel aastal taastasid Piraadid Hutchinsonis frantsiisi, mis eksisteeris kuni Anne Hutchinsoni ja tema poliitilist võitlust kuberner Winthropiga on kujutatud William Gibsoni In DecemberHuth filed a lawsuit alleging sexual assault in at the Playboy Mansion when she was 15 years old.

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Huth was scheduled to give her deposition for Cosby's attorneys on January 29, Huth pidi kavandama oma deposiidi Cosby advokaatide jaoks The European alpine regions, in particular, have a large network of huts. Eriti Euroopa alpipiirkondades on suur onnide võrk.

When open and manned, the huts are generally run by full-time employees, but some are staffed on a voluntary basis by members of alpine clubs.

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Avatud ja mehitatud majakesi haldavad üldjuhul täiskohaga töötajad, kuid mõnes töötajad on vabatahtlikud alpiklubide liikmete poolt. Today several mountain huts serve as basis for summit ascents, though mountaineering on nival level can be dangerous in view of numerous crevasses. Täna on mitmed mägimajad aluseks tippkohtumistõusudele, ehkki mägironimine nivaaltasandil võib arvukate lõhede tõttu olla ohtlik.

The huts higher on the mountain are more basic. Mäel kõrgemad onnid on põhilisemad.

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Sabah Parks grants a summit-climbing permit only to climbers who stay at mountain huts. Sabah Parks annab tippkohtumisel ronimisloa ainult mägironijatele, kes peatuvad mägimajades. The origin of stamppot is unknown, although legend attributes the invention of hutspot to Templipoti päritolu pole teada, kuigi legend seostab hutspoti leiutamist aastaga Lucas had to write around a scene featuring a human Jabba the Hutt, which Crypt Monet Merchant Group scrapped due to not being in focus.

Lucas pidi kirjutama stseeni, kus osales inimene Jabba the Hutt, kes lammutati fookuse puudumise tõttu. Napier kasvas üles Lower Hutti linnas ja sai hariduse Hutt Valley keskkoolis.

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Philippa Campbell sündis Jones sündis Alam-Huttis The Hutt colonization of Rodia brought changes to the Rodian race. Rodia huttide koloniseerimine tõi Rodia rassi muutusi. Toydaria is a swampy world in Hutt Space. Toydaria on soine maailm Hutt Space'is. Jacob Hutter was one of the early converts in South Tyrol, and later became a leader among the Hutterites, who Crypt Monet Merchant Group their name from him. Jacob Hutter oli üks Lõuna-Tirooli varakult pöördunuid ja hiljem sai temast hutterlaste seas liidriks.

The Bruderhof Communities were founded in Germany by Eberhard Arnold inestablishing and organisationally joining the Hutterites in Bruderhofi kogukonnad asutas Saksamaal Eberhard Arnold Ruurians are like walking, fuzzy Huttlets.

Ruurianid on nagu kõndivad, udused kotletid. Hutton based his view of deep time on a form of geochemistry that had developed in Scotland and Scandinavia from the s onward. Hutton lähtus sügava aja vaates geokeemia vormist, mis oli Šotimaal ja Skandinaavias välja kujunenud alates Some Rodians are enlisted in the public service of the Hutts and tend to fare better than others of their race.

Mõned rodiaanid on võetud huttide avalikku teenistusse ja neil läheb tavaliselt paremini kui teistel nende rassidel. In a report accused Stock Options Kanada Trading Strategies Tutsi-led army of committing genocide against ethnic Hutus.