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Vahemaa Bar Day Trade strateegia

Where to start Applying for the grants The grant application should be submitted through the Tallinn self-service environment for Grants to Non-profit Activities NB!

After logging onto the self-service environment with your ID-card or Mobile-ID, please select Activity grants "Tegevustoetused" not Project grants "Projektitoetused" from the upper menu bar.

Companies that are registered in the Estonian Commercial Register using a Tallinn address, and meet the following important conditions can apply for grants: The applicant has been in business for at least one financial year, and submitted at least one annual financial year report to the Commercial Register; The applicant has at least one employee based on the last financial year report submitted to the Commercial Register; The company has no tax arrears, incl.

Vahemaa Bar Day Trade strateegia

The volume and grant amount for the internship is calculated based on the number of internship hours agreed in the internship agreement. The application must be accompanied by the following mandatory supporting documents: Internship agreement or other equivalent document concluded between the educational institution and the applicant eg: written confirmation letter from the educational institutionwhich includes at least the following information:: information on the internship, information on the supervisor and intern involved in the the internship, the start and end dates of the internship period, number of instruction hours in astronomical hours Internship plan Documents proving the competence of the internship supervisor CV and, if possible, diplomas, licenses, etc.

NB: The internship supervisor must have at least 3 years of professional experience or be a specialist with the appropriate qualifications, who has a full-time employment contract with the applicant NB: The application must be submitted at least one day before the start of the internship in the company.

Vahemaa Bar Day Trade strateegia

Subsequent applications will be rejected. The time of the internship in the company must be within the period agreed as the internship period between the educational institution and the applicant in the internship agreement.

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Result Processing of the application The first phase of the application process is the eligibility check eligibility of costs, eligibility of the application and the applicantin the course of which deficiencies may be identified eg the applicant is not eligible, the costs are not eligible, the applicant has tax debts, etc. If the applicant is unable to eliminate the deficiencies or does not provide the requested additional information within Vahemaa Bar Day Trade strateegia time limit, a decision to declare the application non-compliant will be made.

Vahemaa Bar Day Trade strateegia

The decision to declare the application compliant or non-compliant shall be made by a directive of the head of the Vahemaa Bar Day Trade strateegia Department within 30 days of the receipt of the application. The decision will be sent to the applicant by e-mail via TTR's self-service environment.

Payment of the grant Payment of the grant is based on a statement of expenditure submitted within 60 days after the internship, which is submitted through the TTR's self-service environment The following supporting documents must be attached to the statement of expenditure: documents proving the payment of eligible costs.

Target group: Small and medium-sized businesses and sole proprietors of Tallinn, who intend to participate in trade fairs taking place in Estonia, which are aimed at establishment of business contacts;locating new distribution channels;promotion of sales. Objective: support and stimulate the development of small enterprises in Tallinn through participation in trade fairs. Limit of grant: EUR for each applicant in a calendar year. Special conditions of grant The expenditures are eligible, provided that the expenditures have resulted from the transaction between the applicant and the entrepreneur and, based on the annual report submitted to the Commercial Register, the field of activity of the entrepreneur has been provision of the relevant service.

Eligible costs must be proven by a salary statement from the supervisor, which includes information on the calculation of the full-time pay and the additional renumeration for internship supervision, and a payment order containing information on the transfer of the remuneration indicated in the salary statement and the supplement paid for the supervision of the internship to the internship supervisor; a summary of the internship internship report, a copy of the internship diary submitted to the educational institution or a summary submitted in another formwhich includes information on the time, circumstances, results and volume of the internship supervised lessons.

Following the submission of a proper cost statement, the grant will be credited to the company's bank account within 21 days.

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