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The means to obtain this objective shall be certain software to IFI Trading System distributed to the appropriate users in the medical field and the collection of relevant cases, in order to set up a neurological database.

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It is intended that the distribution of the above mentioned software and access to the database, will be able to finance research projects in the neurological field. Segmentatsioonistrateegia voimalused outcome of the EU funded project have been six prototypes, which need further work in order to establish a system of compatible and linked products.

A particular emphasis of this work should be put on making the products as process oriented as possible.

At the time being there are already products available in the market, which would be competing with particular ENN prototypes, but there is no set of compatible and linked products, which would be comparable with the intended set of ENN neurological tools. Such set of tools therefore could be a unique selling proposition.

Intellectual property rights and legal implications have to be taken into consideration for the marketing of the ENN products.

IFI Trading System

It has to be made sure, that no third party can assert violation of its IPRs and that, a protection of the products can be attained by appropriate application for IPRs. In the legal field in particular the prescriptions of data protection legislation have to be observed e.

IFI Trading System

The marketing concept should be set up as a short-term, middle-term, long-term strategy. The short-term strategy should concentrate on carrying out a market validation study at European level and simultaneously the development from prototype to products.

IFI Trading System

The middle-term strategy should be directed towards the market introduction of the ENN products in Europe. The long-term strategy should comprise marketing of the products Index Scriptorium Estoniae Küsimusele vastasid Jüri gümnaasiumi direktor Maria Tiro, Tapa gümnaasiumi sotsiaalpedagoog Siiri Klasberg, Rakvere gümnaasiumi psühholoog Maarika Kongi, Kuressaare gümnaasiumi sotsiaalpedagoog Maret Martinson, Salme põhikooli IFI Trading System Marika Pütsep.

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