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See on korduv hange: ei VI. Our nine housing association partners provide desirable homes, sustainable communities and trusted services to around customers.

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Our specialist provider Centra offers a range of support services, including telecare and home-care, as well as OTC FX valikud CME choice of housing options including shared ownership and market rent.

By acting Daily Options Trading Tarkvara a business head and social heart, together we achieve our mission to enhance life chances by helping people to fulfil their potential and live better, more independent lives. Circle are currently undertaking a large Business and Technology Transformation Programme called Fast Forward Circle FFC in order to re-organise the business in an optimal way to deliver the future strategy and vision.

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This will allow a greater proportion of staff to focus on front line service delivery and better meet the needs of the customers. Technology is a key part of the FFC programme and Circle is committed to making the necessary investment in technology to transform the customer experience and enhance the way our staff work.

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The key business objectives of Circle's IT strategy are to: - Allow our customers to engage with us in new ways, using digital technologies such as mobile apps. The solution will also be required to provide the functionality to support partners in efficiently delivering customer service requests.

The solution should enable Circle to provide excellent levels of service, and be aligned with both current and expected future customer service and technological trends. The expected value of this contract for provision of services to Circle is estimated at between 1 GBP and 3 GBP over the initial 3 year contract period This will include the initial implementation costs; any secondary implementation costs required for additional development of the solution; and the on-going support costs.

The systems capability should provide an easy migration from existing systems functionality. It is expected that the supplier who is awarded this contract will provide the following: — An integrated digital platform to provide the functionality outlined in the scope below, delivered on the infrastructure of Circle's choosing using technology that could be hosted in the cloud using an Infrastructure as a Service IaaS provider as a minimum.

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Circle's preference is that the service is managed by a 3rd party as a hosted service or, if feasible, in-line with Circle's desired end state of having enterprise systems delivered as Software as a Service.

The supplier will be expected to support the transition of the service to Circle's new strategic Infrastructure as a Service provider if required. Circle Housing will conduct itself in respect of any appeals in accordance with the Public Contracts Regulations Daily Options Trading Tarkvara amended.

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