I am afraid, we are expecting too much. I am not going to narrate the history.

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Valmis on esimene hoone ning peagi alustatakse teise ehitust. On 14th MTF RSI strateegia December, after the attack on Parliament House itself, it was decided by the entire political establishment of this country that we must convey a message, the message should be clear and loud that democratic institutions in this country are most important, political establishment of this country, irrespective of their individual creed, faith and belief are united, in conveying this message in clear and loud terms, that we refuse to succumb to the pressure and bullying tactics of terrorist activities.

Next day, the Parliament met; next day, our resolve to fight against terrorism was pronounced clearly and loudly. Six months have passed! How did we translate that resolve into action?

Uudiste arhiiv

This is the question which we shall have to answer it. If we expect, Mr. Vice-Chairman, Sir, that somebody else will fight our battle, I am afraid, we are sadly mistaken. Yes, we may draw some comfort from expressing sympathy and concern from some high-ups of our friendly countries. Sir, I was just going through an interview given by the visiting U.

Assistant Secretary to the State Department, where it has been described that Parvez Musharraf was still the blue-eyed boy of the Bush Administration, and Washington would do nothing to embarrass Pakistan President, at least, for now. I don't mind who is a blue-eyed boy or if somebody wants to be a blue-eyed girl, I have no concern with that.

But our position, the position that the Government has taken, is that it is state-sponsored terrorism, terrorism aided and abetted by Pakistan. Pakistan has adopted terrorism as a State policy.

Therefore, how do you expect, if you have any expectation at all, that in this matter, the global alliance, led by the United States of America is going to help us?

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Whatever be the perception of the Government, but the developments of the last six months have clearly demonstrated that it did not have any impact at all on policy makers of Pakistan. If there was a statement of President Musharraf on 12th of January, it was diluted by 5th of February.

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But, we did not prepare ourselves. I do understand, I do appreciate that if the suicide squad decides to hit, decides to strike, that cannot be prevented. This was amply demonstrated here itself. Thanks to our security forces, taking the risk of their lives, in less than an hour, they could confront all the terrorists, got them killed.

But what we heard from the description of this incident, that these three terrorists killed the passengers at the bus; thereafter, they were shot at by some security forces; then they entered into that campus. We are not prepared enough to handle them in one hour or one-and-a-half hour, and they could cause massacre.

Where are we lacking? We are told that we require a stringent legislative backing. We may like it, we may not like it. For six months there has been a massive mobilisation of the Armed Forces on the border. They are kept on alert, not for one week or two weeks, but for six months.

Piiratud aktsiate osakud ja aktsiaoptsioonitehingud Edasi varude valikud

Despite that, these things are happening and if our response is confined only to rhetorics, I don't know how we are going to tackle the problem. Therefore, Mr.

Vice-Chairman, Sir, I would like to know from the Government on this.

Of course, nobody is expecting that they would divulge their detailed action plan or detailed strategy. Certain things have to be done by the Government and by the Government alone. But we would like to know whether you have been able to come to a definitive conclusion as to what type of action you are going to have. This is for you to decide.

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But it must not be instant knee-jerk reaction, it must be an integrated approach; whatever be the provocation, we should not lose our cool.

We should take action and take such action which we can follow, which need not be withdrawn.

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Let us not resort to high-sounding rhetoric. What is the fun of using these phrases? If something has to be done, it has to be done.