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The seismic network had four digital seismographs and recorded local seismic events, regional ones and many more volcanic signals at seismic station TV20 during the acid stimulation. Additionally, 37 seismic events were located, 22 of them inside the most important geothermal zone at depths between 0.

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In Zone A the well-induction stage and the operation start of the wells LV-4 and LV after acidification on October 30 and November 17,increased seismic activity to a maximum of 12 daily events in early December. When the two wells in Zone B were cooled before the acidification, the seismic events recorded there increased to a maximum of 6 daily events on October 2, and then decreased.


Also in Zone B the seismic activity increased after well-induction and the start of well production once they were acidified, recording up to 11 daily events in late November. According to the seismic distribution, we may conclude that the most active fault systems are El Volcan and El Viejo.

New proposals for well locations in the field are supported by these results.

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Se utilizo una red sismica conformada por cuatro sismografos digitales, logrando registrar en la estacion sismica TV20 un total de sismos locales, sismos regionales y muchas mas senales de tipo volcanico, durante el periodo del monitoreo de la estimulacion acida. We identify and detail four different perspectives that together categorizes the topics found.

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The first being a technical-rational perspective. The second being a social Option Trade Pankaj Jain The third being a more political and emergent perspective. Fourth, we identify a design-oriented perspective.

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We categorize the literature on EIS using these four perspectives, and for each perspective we identify core issues. Finally we discuss how the four perspectives complement each other

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