Medieval monastic mortality: hazard analysis of mortality differences between monastic and nonmonastic cemeteries in England. The first cemetery of the Amazon Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden Luiz Rabelo Full Text Available The origins of cemeteries occurred because of a change in funeral habits, when burials were transferred from the church to saint fields. Additionally HCV infection in children can be caused by perinatal transmission vertical. In the 19th century, following the suppression of the polish uprising against Russia, there were a small group of Poles seeking asylum in Scotland. Purpose: to elaborate clinical feature and management of pleomophic adenoma of palate. Sustainability of existing areas of historic cemeteries in the city organism: A Czech case study Science.

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pada cemetery 12th-13th: Topics by

Väljakutse on vastu võtnud noor ettevõtja Kätlin Kolbin. Local Business. Kinnisvaralaen ettevõttelt SEB Pank. Vaata tasuta firma omanikke, juhatust, seotud ettevõtteid, b-kaarti, maksuvõlgu. Samas valdkonnas EMTAK on tegutsevaid ettevõtteid aasta seisuga kokku 29 tükki, kes annavad tööd kokku le inimesele ja kogu valdkonna käibeprognoos on ca Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai. The first Polish medical men attended the University of Edinburgh in the 18th century.

In the 19th century, following the suppression of the polish uprising against Russia, there were a small group of Poles seeking asylum in Scotland.

A few of them enlisted at the University of Edinburgh at the medical faculty. The above history is described in detail in Annotations. In the second part of the paper all the polish medical and veterinary doctors whose graves are located in various cemeteries in Edinburgh are listed in chronological order of their deaths. As full as possible personal data, the kind of medical work, and location of their graves are given.

Greater details, whenever obtainable, are dealt with in Annotations. The total of thirty deceased between and are described. However, the biomonitoring of atmospheric pollution can be compromised in urban contexts if the targeted biomonitors are regularly disturbed, irregularly distributed, or are difficult to access.

Here, we test the hypothesis that cemeteries are appropriate moss sampling sites for the evaluation of air pollution in urban areas. We sampled mosses growing on gravestones in 21 urban and peri-urban cemeteries in the Paris metropolitan area. We focused on Grimmia pulvinata Hedwig Smith, a species abundantly found in all studied cemeteries and very common in Europe. This method avoids a digestion step, reduces the risk of sample contamination, and works even at low sample quantities.

Bagaimana Cara Meraftar Binaarne valik markers of road traffic indicated that the highest polluted cemeteries were Toote strateegia valikud near the highly frequented Parisian ring road and under the influence of prevailing winds. The sites with the lowest pollution were found not only in the peri-urban cemeteries, adjoining forest or farming landscapes, but also in the large and relatively wooded cemeteries located in the center of Paris.

Graphical abstract We tested the hypothesis that cemeteries are appropriate moss sampling sites for the evaluation of air pollution in urban areas. We sampled moss cushions Grimmia pulvinata growing on gravestones in 21 urban and peri-urban cemeteries in the Paris metropolitan area.

The concentration of 20 Archaeological and anthropological studies on the Harappan cemetery of Rakhigarhi, India. One case in point is the necropolis at Rakhigarhi site Haryana, India, one of the largest cities of the Harappan Civilization, where most burials within the cemetery remained uninvestigated. Over the course of the past three seasons towe therefore conducted excavations in an attempt to remedy this data shortfall.

In brief, we found different kinds of graves co-existing within the Rakhigarhi cemetery in varying proportions. Primary interment was most common, followed by the use of secondary, symbolic, and unused empty graves.

Putut Sriwasito Full Text Available Individual or cooperation as the producer who produces more than one product always has a problem to determine the amount of each product, as well as the smallest packaging used to generate the maximum revenue but still meet the inventory of existing facilities. If the inventory of facilities and functions form a linear function of income then the problem is called the program a maximu m linear case, where all supplies are limited means of the standard linear program is called maximal.

Within the first category, the atypical burials appear to have been elaborately prepared. Prone-positioned internments also attracted our attention. Since those individuals are not likely to have been social deviants, it is necessary to reconsider our pre-conceptions about such prone-position burials in archaeology, at least in the context of the Harappan Civilization.

The data presented in this report, albeit insufficient to provide a complete understanding of Harappan Civilization cemeteries, nevertheless does present new and significant information on the mortuary practices and anthropological features at that time. Indeed, the range of different kinds of burials at the Rakhigarhi cemetery do appear indicative of the differences in mortuary rituals seen within Harappan societies, therefore providing a vivid glimpse of how these people respected their dead.

Pengukuran suhu tubuh anak haruslah mempertimbangkan masalah ekonomis, juga merupakan pengukuran yang sederahana dan cepat dan tidak menimbulkan ketidaknyamanan pada anak.

Berbagai penanganan demam telah diketahui secara umum termasuk dengan pemberian antipiretik maupun dengan metode fisik. Jenis antipiretik yang disetujui pemberiannya pada anak ialah parasetamol dan ibuprofen. Pemilihan antipiretik, cara pemberian, dan dosis antipiretik penting untuk diketahui oleh praktisi maupun orangtua dalam menangani demam, sehingga informasi yang Bagaimana Cara Meraftar Binaarne valik harus diberikan kepada orang tua pada setiap kunjungan untuk mencegah kesalahan pemberian obat dan juga mencegah toksisitas antipiretik These, in turn, are used to illuminate aspects of the respective cultures at the time of their design and construction.

The results reveal post World War II US society becoming more conformist and politically conservative and German society undergoing a redefinition of its values.

Lokasi intraoral yang paling sering ditemukan adalah palatum. Tujuan: membahas gambaran klinis dan penatalaksanaan pleomorfik adenoma pada platinum. Kasus: dilaporkan 2 buah kasus pleomorfik adenoma pada palatum. Kasus pertama seorang laki-laki usia 29 tahun dengan benjolan pada palatum kanan ukuran 3x2 cm, konsistensi kenyal, berbatas tegas, warna seperti jaringan sekitar dan tidak nyeri.

Pasien pernah menjalani operasi pada palatum kanan pada tahundan kira-kira 3 tahun setelah operasi benjolan tersebut kambuh di tempat yang sama. Hasil biopsi aspirasi jarum halus adalah mixed tumor. On olemas voimalusi

Bagaimana Cara Meraftar Binaarne valik

Kasus kedua seorang wanita 22 tahun dengan benjolan pada palatum kiri ukuran 2x1,5 cm, timbul sejak 3 tahu yang lalu, warna seperti jaringan sekitar, konsistensi kenyal, dan tidak nyeri. Riwayat pesien menggunakan kontrasepsi hormonal. Hasil biopsi condong pada adenoma pleomorfik dengan bagian Bagaimana Cara Meraftar Binaarne valik adenoma dan clear sel adenoma. Penatalaksanaan: dilakukan eksisi luas di bawah anestesi umum pada kedua kasus tersebut, dengan batas 1 cm dari tepi lesi pada jaringan sehat.

Kesimpulan : telah dilakukan eksisi luas untuk penanganan kedua kasus pleomorfik adenoma dan palatum. Tidak di temukan rekurensi 1 tahun setelah operasi kasus 1 dan 2 tahun setelah operasi kasus Binaarsed valikud maailmas. Palatum is the most common site in intraoral. Purpose: to elaborate clinical feature and management of pleomophic adenoma of palate.

Cases: we reported 2 cases pleomorphic adenoma of palate. The first case was a29 years old male patient with a swelling at the Bagaimana Cara Meraftar Binaarne valik side of the palate, 3x2 cm sized mass, rubbery in consistency, well demarcated, pinkish in color, and pain less. He had undergone an operation at Memorial Drive, Houston, Texas, and then reconvene at the hotel for a business session in the afternoon.

The main aim is to assess whether people buried in the mass graves were rural immigrants, or if they were more likely to be the victims of plague or another epidemic who lived in Riga and its suburbs. The data produced from dental disease assessments and isotope analyses were compared within, as well as between, the contexts.

Most differences emerged when comparing the prevalence rates of dental diseases and other oral health indicators in males and females between the contexts, while isotope analysis revealed more individual, rather than context-specific, differences. The data suggested that the populations buried in the mass graves were different from those buried in the general cemetery, and support the theory that rural immigrants were buried in both mass graves. Significant differences were observed in some aspects of the data between the mass graves, however, possibly indicating that the people buried in them do not represent the same community.

Medieval monastic mortality: hazard analysis of mortality differences between monastic and nonmonastic cemeteries in England. Though there is some evidence based on age-at-death distributions from England that monastic males lived longer than members of the general public, what is missing from the literature is an explicit examination of how the risks of mortality within medieval monastic settings differed from those within contemporaneous lay populations.

Age-at-death data from all cemeteries are pooled to estimate the Gompertz hazard of mortality, and "monastic" i. The estimated effect of the monastic covariate is negative, suggesting that individuals in the monastic communities faced reduced risks of dying compared to their peers in the lay communities. These results suggest better diets, the positive health benefits of religious behavior, better living conditions in general in monasteries, or selective recruitment of healthy or higher socioeconomic status individuals.

Copyright © Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Biological and spatial structure of an early classic period cemetery at Charco Redondo, Oaxaca. The Early Classic was a time of political instability positioned between two phases of state-level centralization within the coastal valley. The communal cemetery at Charco Redondo adds significantly to the inventory of excavated graves from this time period and provides novel data on mortuary practices during a critical phase in the development of state level polities in the region.

Cluster analysis of mortuary data is combined with intracemetery biodistance approaches to reconstruct how the Charco Redondo cemetery was organized with respect to biological relationships. Cluster analysis of mortuary data identified three groupings of burials. Multidimensional scaling of Euclidean distances and Gower coefficients based on 45 odontometric and 13 dental morphological variables suggests a strong relationship between grave characteristics and locations and phenotypic variation.

In other words, the cemetery at Charco Redondo appears biologically kin-structured. The communal nature of the cemetery conflicts with the assumed "household" burial model for this time period.

We propose the observed combination of features represents a transitional practice in which aspects of community, kin, and individual identity were signaled simultaneously within the funerary environment during a time of political transition in the Valley.

This article highlights the utility of intracemetery biodistance analyses for examining dimensions of kinship, "house," and community throughout Mesoamerica where overarching models often mask regional variability. Kelainan Hemostasis pada Leukemia Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden Zelly Dia Rofinda Full Text Available AbstrakLatar belakang: Leukemia adalah penyakit keganasan pada jaringan hematopoietik yang ditandai denganpenggantian elemen sumsum tulang normal oleh sel darah abnormal atau sel leukemik.

Salah satu manifestasi klinisdari leukemia adalah perdarahan yang disebabkan oleh berbagai kelainan hemostasis. Kelainan hemostasis yang dapat terjadi pada leukemia berupa trombositopenia, disfungsi trombosit,koagulasi intravaskuler diseminata, defek protein koagulasi, fibrinolisis primer dan trombosis.

Patogenesis danpatofosiologi kelainan hemostasis pada leukemia tersebut terjadi dengan berbagai mekanisme. Kata kunci: leukemia, kelainan hemostasisAbstractBackground: AbstractLeukemia is a malignancy of hematopoietic tissue which Bagaimana Cara Meraftar Binaarne valik characterized bysubstituted of bone marrow element with abnormal blood cell or leukemic cell. One of clinical manifestation ofleukemia is bleeding that is caused by several hemostasis disorders. Hemostasis disorders in leukemia such asthrombocytopenia, platelet dysfunction, disseminated intravascular coagulation, coagulation protein defect, primaryfibrinolysis and thrombosis.

Pathogenesis and pathophysiology of thus hemostasis disorders in leukemia occur withdifferent mechanism. Keywords: leukemia, hemostasis disorder Penularan infeksi HCV pada anak yang utama adalah melalui transfusi darah atau produk darah yang saat ini bertanggung jawab menyebabkan kasus hepatitis C kronis. Selain itu infeksi HCV pada anak dapat disebabkan oleh transmisi perinatal vertikal.

Pada umumnya infeksi HCV bersifat asimptomatik termasuk pada anak. Karena tidak ada gejala yang jelas pada infeksi HCV tersebut maka diagnosis infeksi HCV hanya dapat ditegakkan dengan pemeriksaan awal laboratorium dan uji serologi, dan bila perlu dengan uji molekuler pada pasien dengan risiko tinggi.

Kebijakan kuratif khusus terhadap HCV adalah terapi antivirus berupa interferon dan ribavirin yang diberikan bila diagnosis HCV sudah ditegakkanKata kunci: Hepatitis C, diagnosis and management problem, childrenAbstractHepatitis C virus infection is still a Pro FX valikute ulevaade problem.

Transmission of HCV infection in children is a major blood transfusion or blood products that are currently responsible for causing chronic hepatitis C cases.

Additionally HCV infection in children can be caused by perinatal transmission vertical. In most cases of HCV infection are asymptomatic, including in children. Since there are no obvious symptoms in the diagnosis of HCV infection HCV infection can only be confirmed by laboratory examinations and serologic testing early, and if necessary with molecular testing in patients at high risk.

Curative policy is specific to HCV antiviral therapy such as interferon and ribavirin are given when the diagnosis of HCV has been established Orientation damage in the Christchurch cemeteries generated during the Christchurch earthquakes of Science. However, a new methodology takes into account not only the damage but the type of damage "Earthquake Archaeological Effects" EAE's, and its orientation e. It focuses not only on the amount of damage but also in its orientation, giving information about the ground motion during the earthquake.

In an earthquake of magnitude 6. Due to the magnitude of the catastrophe, the city centre CBD was closed and the most damaged buildings were closed and later demolished.

For this reason it could not be possible to access to sampling or make observations in the Bagaimana Cara Meraftar Binaarne valik damaged areas. However, the cemeteries were not closed and a year later still remained intact since the financial means to recover were used to reconstruct infrastructures and housing the city.

This peculiarity of the cemeteries made measures of the earthquake effects possible. Orientation damage was measured on the tombs, crosses and headstones of the cemeteries mainly on falling objects such as fallen crosses, obelisks, displaced tombstones, etc.

Bagaimana Cara Meraftar Binaarne valik

The procedure involved two main phases: a inventory and identification of damages, and b analysis of the damage orientations. The orientation was calculated for each element and plotted in a map and statistically in rose diagrams. The orientation dispersion is high in some cemeteries but damage orientation S-N and E-W is observed.

However, due to the multiple seismogenic faults responsible for earthquakes and damages in Christchurch during the year after the earthquake, a Glomerulonefritis adalah suatu reaksi imunologik terhadap bakteri atau virus tertentu pada jaringan ginjal. Glomerulonefritis umumnya disebabkan oleh infeksi, yang sering terjadi pada anak-anak, seperti infeksi traktus respiratorius.

S, usia 12 tahun, mengeluh kelopak mata, pipi dan kedua kaki membengkak. Riwayat batuk dan pilek di Pendekatan diagnosis dan terapi ISK pada geriatri memiliki kekhususan. Ada tidaknya gejala dan tanda spesifik serta bagaimana cara pengambilan spesimen turut berperan dalam diagnosis ISK pada geriatri.

Faktor predisposisi penderita ISK pada geriatri meliputi diabetes melitus, gizi kurang, gangguan faal kognitif, depresi, gangguan status fungsional, prostatitis, riwayat operasi, dan prolaps vagina.

Gejala dan tanda yang sering muncul adalah sindrom delirium, inkontinensia urin dan syncope yang diawali oleh penurunan nafsu makan. Kata Kunci : infeksi saluran kemih ISK, geriatri. An inventory was made of spontaneous vascular flora present at the investigated sites. The plants were described in respect of their affiliation to geographical-historical groups, life forms as well as the presence of honey species polleniferous and nectariferous and protected species.

Within the area of these 7 necropolises, the presence of taxa was found. The number of taxa observed at the individual sites varied between and in the metropolitan zone, in the urban zone, and between and in the rural areas. The highest precentage of hemicryptophytes was observed in Ostrówek In the case of therophytes, the greatest variation was observed in the urban cemetery in Unicka Street The average precentage of geophytes was Chamaephytes were characterised by a small percentage between 5.

The investigated sites were dominated by apophytes, the percentage of which varied between Among anthropophytes, there were mostly archeophytes between The percentage of diaphytes varied between This cemetery was not associated with any one war, and actually covered several periods of military history of Russia.

Today, this place can be perceived as a symbol of Russia's military prowess, as a unique fraternal burial of soldiers of different generations. Today, thanks to the initiative of the public, the Chief Military Clinical Hospital.

Burdenko Institute of History and Archives State Humanitarian University, the Union of Russian ethnographers, with the support of the Prefecture of HLW in Moscow and the district council "Falcon Hill" is working on giving the territory of the park, located in the cemeteries of Semenov, the status of places of interest here in order to create a military memorial.

August 25, there was established Binaarne valik FBI. foundation stone of the future memorial.

Continued hard work to gather and organize archival materials on the history of the necropolis Semenov, developed the scientific and artistic vision for the future memorial site. Memorial, designed by leading Russian experts--historians, sculptors, architects, artists who will be able to enrich the historical and cultural heritage of the city, will preserve the historical continuity of the traditions of the military glory of Russia, to perpetuate the memory of generations of defenders of the Fatherland.

This paper focuses on the analysis of the red cosmetic sticks, found in Xiaohe Cemetery BCXinjiang, China. The results suggested that the cosmetic sticks were made from the cattle heart and covered with a layer of hematite powders as the pigment.

Given the numerous red painted relics in Xiaohe Cemetery, this kind of cosmetic sticks might be used as a primitive form of crayon for makeup and painting. The usage of cattle hearts as cosmetic sticks is firstly reported up to our knowledge, which not only reveals the varied utilizations of cattle in Xiaohe Cemetery but also shows the distinctive religious function.

Furthermore, these red cosmetic sticks were usually buried with women, implying that the woman may be the painter and play a special role in religious activities. A unique human-fox burial from a pre-Natufian cemetery in the Levant Jordan.

Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden Lisa A Maher Full Text Available New human burials from northern Jordan provide important insights into the appearance of cemeteries and the nature of human-animal relationships within mortuary contexts during the Epipalaeolithic period c. Previous work suggests that archaeological features indicative of social complexity occur Bagaimana Cara Meraftar Binaarne valik during the latest Epipalaeolithic phase, the Natufian c.

These features include sedentism, cemeteries, architecture, food production, including animal domestication, and burials with elaborate mortuary treatments.

Our findings from the preNatufian Middle Epipalaeolithic cemetery of 'Uyun al-Hammam demonstrate that joint human-animal mortuary practices appear earlier in Bagaimana Cara Meraftar Binaarne valik Epipalaeolithic.

We describe the earliest human-fox burial in the Near East, where the remains of dogs have been found associated with human burials at a number of Natufian sites.

This is the first time that a fox has been documented in association with human interments pre-dating the Natufian and with a particular suite of grave goods.

Analysis of the human and animal bones and their associated artefacts provides critical data on the nature and timing of these newly-developing relationships between people and animals prior to the appearance of domesticated dogs in the Natufian. Hipoplasia Enamel Pada Penderita Penyakit Eksantema OpenAIRE Dewi saputri Hipoplasia enamel merupakan gangguan pada masa pemhentukan matriks organik yang menyebabkan gangguan struktur pada enamel sehingga secara klinis terlihat pada suatu bagian dari gigi tidak terbentuk enamel dan kadang-kadang sama sekali tidak terbentuk enamel, serta diikuti dengan perubahan warna pada gigi.

Ristripatsid Eesti Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden Tuuli Kurisoo Full Text Available Cross-shaped pendants are one of the most discussed symbolically laden artefacts among Estonian archaeological material. The beginning of the distribution of cross-shaped pendants dates back to 11th century when the artefacts, though scarce, appear. The number of such pendants increases noticeably at the very end of the Iron Age.

Dikenal berbagai faktor penyebab hipoplasia enamel, salah satunya adalah penyakit eksantema yaitu menyebabkan infeksi pada bayi dan anak-anak. Gambaran histopatologis hipoplasia enamel adala In a period of two weeks, the group acquired and interpreted 59 GPR profiles in Wyatt Chapel Cemetery and surrounding areas in order to determine the local stratigraphy and try to locate unmarked graves.

The sandy soil in this area is ideally suited for GPR investigations and numerous Bagaimana Cara Meraftar Binaarne valik anomalies were identified. Participants in a summer course at Rice University conducted a geophysical investigation of the site. Participants were in-service K teachers from urban Houston school districts where the majority of students are members of historically underrepresented minority groups.

Recruitment efforts targeted educators who are currently teaching science without a science degree. Participants included elementary, middle and high school teachers. This summer experience is followed by a content-intensive academic year course in Physical Geology. The stratigraphy in the area consists of feet of reddish-brown, medium-grained sand overlying a light gray, highly compacted clay.

The sand-clay boundary appears as a strong reflector on the GPR profiles. Participants identified numerous anomalies in the GPR data and two were excavated.

One consisted of a pair of bright hyperbolae, suggesting two edges of a metal object. This excavation resulted in the discovery of a metal plank thought to be a burial cover. The second anomaly consisted of a break in the horizon representing the top of the clay layer, and subsequent excavation revealed a grave shaft. Participants experienced the process of science first-hand and used Although urban cemeteries as ritual meeting points of life and death have become an integral part of city tourism, contemporary tourism literature mostly embeds them in dark tourism or Kuidas kasutada libiseva keskmist binaarsete valikute abil, neglecting the experience-rich potentials of cemeteries as cultural products.

This paper rectifies this by arguing that cemetery tourism makes a fascinating cultural display for tourists, offering both nature-based and cultural activities, therefore, it can be rightfully placed in heritage and cultural tourism. During the empirical research 52 questionnaires were correctly filled in, followed by the same number of miniinterviews.

The research findings confirmed the initial hypotheses: 1. Visitors regarded cemeteries as complex attractions representing both natural and cultural values, which added to the positive experiences of a Budapest city break.

Although the satisfaction rate was high, the lack of visitors is a clear indication that the cemetery in Budapest has been so far undervalued as an urban attraction. On the negative side, respondents criticized the lack of information sources available prior to visit, the inefficient marketing and the undesirable neighbourhood.

The paper ultimately aims to provide stakeholders solid, preliminary data that might serve as a launching pad for further larger-scale research. Namun demikian jumlah populasi yang tinggi tidak diimbangi dengan pola hidup sehat, terlihat dari rendahnya konsumsi pada produk organik.

Bagaimana Cara Meraftar Binaarne valik

Tujuan penelitian ini mengkaji faktor yang membentuk kepercayaan konsumen pada produk organik. Confirmatory Factor Analisys digunakan Bagaimana Cara Meraftar Binaarne valik teknik analisis data, dengan survey pada konsumen yang ada di Kota Bandung sebanyak reponden. Hasil penelitian ditemukan bahwa kepercayaan konsumen pada produk organik belum optimal. Penelitian ini menyempurnakan penelitian sebelumnya dimana terdapat faktor yang mampu membentuk kepercayaan konsumen pada produk organik diantaranya adalah  reliable, dependable, trustworthy, expectation, enviromental protection, dan safer.

Mikrotropia sering disertai dengan sindroma monofiksasi. Ini ditandai dengan adanya fusi perifer dan supresi di daerah sentral foveal suppresion scotoma mata yang mengalami deviasi. Mikrotropia dapat dibagi menjadi dua bentuk yaitu mikrotropia primer mikrotropia with identity dan mikrotropia without identity dan mikrotropia sekunder.

Pemeriksaan diagnostik pada mikrotropia bertujuan untuk menunjukkan adanya penglihatan binokular perifer tanpa disertai penglihatan binokular sentral pada penderita mikrotropia. Pada makalah ini akan membahas karakteristik klinik dan pemeriksaan mikrotropia.

AbstractMicrotropia is defined as strabismus with a small deviation less than 5Ëš, combined with Anomalous Retinal Correspondence ARC and reduced or absent stereoacuity. Microtropia is often accompanied by monofixation syndrome. It is characterized by peripheral fusion and suppression in the central area foveal suppresion scotoma of the misaligned eye. There are two forms of microtropia: primary microtropia microtropia with identity; microtropia without identity and secondary microtropia.

Diagnostic examination of microtropia aims at demonstrating existence of peripheral binocular vision but no central binocular vision. This paper will discuss about clinical characteristic and diagnostic of microtropia.

 Diet DASH diterapkan sejak pra hipertensi, apabila target tekanan darah tidak tercapai pada minggu, maka akan diterapkan terapi farmakologik disertai pengaturan makanan Diet DASH dan modifikasi gaya hidup.